Project Reference: CBA2016-01CMY-Boonjawat

Project Summary:  

                                 As urbanization has grown rapidly over recent decades, human activities have led to a warming climate and massive landscape conversion. Are cities sufficiently prepared for impacts of climate change? How can we begin to make more sustainable and resilient cities in Southeast Asia? To fill the gap between climate change adaptation and urban planning, it is essential to enhance the capacity of scientists academicians, urban planners and practitioners in incorporating climate change science into sustainable urban development and planning. The objective of this project is to conduct a series of training for trainers (TOT), a five-day course, on building capacity for urban climate change adaptation and resilience to multiple stakeholders involved in urban planning. The first TOT was held in 2015 at Depok, Indonesia, and the TOT2 in 2017, Bangkok, Thailand.  

Project Leader:    Dr. Jariya Boonjawat
                               Southeast Asia START Regional Center, Chulalongkorn University
                               Bangkok, Thailand
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